The plan is for Bounty Hunter Grey O’ Donnell,  Mahko,  and Billy Cole to get on board the train as it comes out the canyon a few miles away from Retribution, Arizona.  O’Donnell knows Blackjack Hudson is on the train and planning to steal a large package out of the mail car located near the rear of the train. That large package, wrapped in plain brown wrapping paper, will contain a lot of bank notes. O’Donnell knows Blackjack Hudson snuck onboard the train in Dawson and will sneak right back off the train in Retribution with the package if O’Donnell and his men do nothing.the guns of retribution


O’ Donnell’s plan is for the trio to ride single file behind the train as it enters a small forest at the edge of the canyon. Then Billy Cole and O’Donnell will jump on board and deal with taking custody of Blackjack Hudson. Mahko will handle the horses and assist with the extraction when everyone is ready. Any guards onboard should be at the front of the train and not worried about anything happening at the rear where the mail is stored. Grey O’Donnell hopes with the length of the train, the dust, and the fact the guards aren’t used to worrying about the mail, that no one will look back and see them. With so few people on the goods train the plan is for no one to know they were ever there. Get in, quietly get their man, and then get out the way they came.


The plan was great in theory. It would have worked too if Jasper Roberts hadn’t shown up to cause interference. But, he is there. To make things worse, he is acting as a lawman. Now O’Donnell has another score to settle in The Guns of Retribution by Icy Sedgwick.


Plenty of action, detailed characters with considerable backstory, and lots of scene setting details make this western novella a very good read. The author sets the mood quickly and pulls the reader into the world of Bounty Hunter Greg O’Donnell before throwing a number of surprises at the reader. The Guns of Retribution is an exceptionally good western that works from start to finish.  Icy Sedgewick is clearly an author to keep an eye on.


The Guns of Retribution

Icy Sedgewick

Beat To A Pulp

May 2013


eBook (Paperback available)

146 Pages



Amazon says I picked this up October 19, 2015. I have no idea now if this was by way of a free read by the author or if I used funds in my Amazon Associate account.


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