This is a review that starts at the end! In my book it is a five star stellar piece of writing. You don’t need to even read my review, just go out and buy it. You will not be disappointed.

I have known Dave for a few years, he never fails to astonish me. He is at home writing fact based books about selling Heavy Equipment and Airplanes as he is works of fiction. He is without doubt one of the most interesting authors I know.

Actually he is one of the most interesting people I have ever encountered. In real life he bills himself as a Private Military Contractor and Pilot. When pushed he admits that at one time or another he has been on the payroll of what I like to call the Alphabets, those three letter organizations run by the government!

I never know when Dave will pop up, or what part of the world he will be in, or what he is doing! What I do know is that I do enjoy his books. The Grace Bay Agreement is no exception. The plot is an intriguing one. There is little doubt that the drug cartels are awash in money. They get increasingly innovative in how they transport drugs to the target country. Fast ‘Cigarette’ boats were in fashion for a while, but it did not take long for law enforcement to implement their own fast boats. Small aircraft flying low became the next weapon. But modern radar systems can spot these. The latest idea is submarines. The point is, one way or another drugs do make it to the place they are destined for. We read about a big drug bust. $5 million of drugs seized in a single bust. But that is a drop in the ocean.

D. Alan Johnson takes a different approach in The Grace Bay Agreement. He looks at the money aspect. How might a cartel use the money it makes?

Money needs to be ‘washed’. It is becoming harder and harder for drug money to be recycled. Government regulations have made banks accountable. This limits the easy way to wash money.

D. Alan Johnson offers a new idea in The Grace Bay Agreement, sure, if you have enough money, you can own a bank, but it really doesn’t fix the regulation issue.

But how about if you owned the government? Now you have some wriggle room. Obviously this idea would not work in the US, but how about a small country in the Caribbean? You have close proximity to the US, but are outside of the legal tendrils.

Could it be done? My answer is yes. The Grace Bay Agreement can be taken on many levels, you can read it just as an action/adventure story, it works great! Or you can consider the massage it conveys about the state of the drug business today.

You can get your own copy of The Grace Bay Agreement by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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