What a great little book! It is not often that I get excited about a business book, in fact I can not think of another occasion that it has happened. Most business books are dry and boring, The Go-Giver is nothing like that.

The authors Bob Burg and John David Mann have take a whole different approach to getting their message across, no dry boring list of 20 neat things to do with your Rolodex. The Go-Giver is written in the style of a novel, the novel consists essentially of a number of parables and how the main character Joe implements these ideas.

Joe is a ‘go getter’, but, as the authors explain, Joe is hardworking and conscientious, but spends more time ‘going’ than ‘getting’. He is coming up on the third quarter of not making his sales quota, and is becoming more and more desperate to find those elusive clients that can change his fortunes. In frustration he turns to a senior but ignored figure in his department and asks for some advice. Gus suggests that Joe attend an upcoming talk by a speaker known as ‘The Chairman’, alas Joe needs answers now, not next month, and asks Gus for ‘The Chairmans’ telephone number.

The die is cast. And the story unfolds.

I won’t share Joe’s story with you, I will share my own instead. Although I have just finished reading Go-Giver, by a huge amount of improbability the ideas that Bob Burg and John David Mann are suggesting, pretty much mirror my own story.

About 18 months ago I decided that I had had enough ‘fun’ in the computer industry, after 30 plus years I was burned out, I wanted to write. Of course no one wants to publish or even entertain a new writer. My solution was to ‘give greater value’, I wrote for free! Free is always a great price!

Guess what? It wasn’t long before I started to get invites to write for money. The authors are right, become a giver, if you give great value the rewards will come. And love what you do, the more you love it, the better it gets.

Networking? What a boring and overused word, but when approached the right way it can lead to great things. By being a giver good things happen, by being a giver I have talked with famous authors, publishers, world class musicians, and movie directors. My network is amazing and growing! As Bob and John explain, ‘everyone in your network is a walking talking ambassador for you’.

Help your friends, and your competitors. That might sound less than sensible, but in fact it makes perfect sense. If you can not help someone, tell them who can, even if it is a competitor. You will be amazed what good things happen as a result.

I won’t share the rest of the authors ideas, but I will say this, they all make perfect sense, and even if you are not trying to become a captain of industry, there is something that can help you in your business or personal life.

I have not given up my day job, but I am well on my way to doing so. Read Go-Giver, I know that you will learn something. I wish I had read it years ago.

You can get your own copy from Amazon by clicking on the icon above, and even if you are not looking to change your luck in the business world, you might learn something that will help you in your personal world.

Simon Barrett


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