As a junior at Harry Whittington high School, Ralph Markley, has enough going on every day without any complications. Things have enough a tendency to happen to him and he gets blamed a lot. It really isn’t his fault. He just is in the wrong place at the wrong time and because of that gets blamed for stuff.

Of course, before now, he had never picked up a section of pipe that had blood and maybe something more on it. If he hadn’t tripped over it, he would not have picked it up. Of course, if he hadn’t gone into the school boiler room in the first place he would not have discovered the body of Oscar Mullen who worked on maintenance for the school. If none of that had happened Ralph Markely would not have been standing there near the body while holding the murder weapon when a number of campus security folks arrived on scene.

Now that he is in trouble and with accusations swirling around him it is a good thing that his childhood friend, Shirley Holmes, is around to help him. Shirley is not only beautiful and smart as Ralph has started to notice, but she is also is sure that she is related to the fictional Sherlock Holmes. Because of that belief she is sure the case of who killed Oscar and why won’t be solved unless she, Ralph, and their friends Reed and Franny uncover the truth. Before long the kids are at work and the suspect list grows longer in a delightful read.

The Girl Who Wanted To Be Sherlock Holmes is a fun young adult read that also works well for adults. Especially the secondary storyline of Ralph’s father who writes men’s adventure books that discerning readers realize are a bit more literary than they appear by covers and titles. Interesting characters, a case with a lot of suspects, and interesting secondary storylines make this another excellent read from Texas author Bill Crider. One worthy of your attention just like all his other books.

The Girl Who Wanted To Be Sherlock Holmes
Bill Crider
April 2011
147 Pages

The author supplied a word file for my use in an objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

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