Andrew Ian Dodge is certainly an interesting guy, and one that I always enjoy chatting with, part time freelance writer, part time author, part time music critic, and part time musician, who could resist a band called Growing Old Disgracefully?

I class myself as an aging hippie, and I suspect Andrew is a fellow, if not founding member.

His latest literary adventure is a rather dark satirical science fantasy novella joined with three other short stories using the same main characters. This is Harry Potter meets drugs, booze and Rock’n’Roll!

Our hero is The Sage Of Wales, a mystical figure who in a pseudo official capacity fights evil. Interesting that The Sage’s real name is Andrew, but I am sure that is purely coincidental. The novella The Gathering Dark is 120 pages of fun. The style of writing is nothing short of unique, and one I have a problem pegging into a style. The heroes battle demonic forces one moment, and next moment they are sharing genteel cups of tea or Port wine and cheese. Maybe the most surreal aspect is the use of computers, The Sage is hip to ICQ, IRC, and the web.

This is a really fun little read, the three extra short stories flesh the book out to almost 200 pages, making it an easy read.

I am not generally a fan of Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but this was so well put together that it garners a spot on my ‘keep’ shelf, and not many items get a spot on there.

Take Andrew’s book The Gathering Dark out for a test drive from Amazon. Oh and keep an eye out for the latest release from Growing Old Disgracefully, I think it is an EP, and I think that Canada Post have stolen my copy, because it has been in the mail for weeks!

Simon Barrett 

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