A Jackson Donne Novel

Clichés are soul murder.  Once a cliché takes over some part of life, it is lost.  Unless something breaks free of the expectations, nothing stands out at all to the detriment of everything.  Indie films are a good example of this.  Yeah, everyone is weird and sad.  Something must stand out.  Crime novels are also pretty illustrative of this.  Yet now there is a new crime novel which sets out to remake the genre.

Starting this June 17th, now available in paperback from Three River Press comes the long-awaited and much anticipated follow up to When One Man Dies.  The next Jackson Donne novel, The Evil That Men Do, is ready to slouch its way over to your bookshelf take up a troubled residence there.  Bring this modern crime masterpiece home today!

Jackson Donne is a troubled and disgraced former private detective.  After losing his license to practice, he works nights as a warehouse guard and drinks to forget losing his girlfriend.  Yet violence enters his life once again through his sister’s husband who gets one of his restaurants blown up.  Donne’s mother is also dying in a convalescent home and he needs to visit her.  She has been talking of nightmares and people being killed and her dad running away.  Somehow, beneath those two very separate tragedies in his life, there are common threads and they are threatening to destroy him and everyone he loves.

I thought this book was fantastic.  The writing is very good, the dialogue is spectacular and the story is beyond reproach.  The twists are great and the jumping from the past to the present was done well and tastefully.  I think this is a book which deserves to be read by all those who love the genre of crime and especially by those who have lost respect for it.

This Evil is worth doing.

This book is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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