Now that Rhiannon has her official witch license making her legal she is almost ready to demon hunt. She knows that her red dress is stunning even if the mirror rudely refuses to confirm the fact. As soon as Howard Henry Spears, her boyfriend, shows up she can tell him all about it her new license and more.
But, Howard has a little news of his own. That is when he isn’t being a bit of a jerk. Things are about to get heated and not in a good way in The Eve of True Forms: A Witch Gone Wrong Kindle Short.
This short story by Shalanna Collins, who also writes as Denise Weeks, is an entertaining fast read. A tad spooky and a couple of surprises result in a solidly good tale.


The Eve of True Forms: A Witch Gone Wrong Kindle Short
Shalanna Collins
Pandora Press
October 2015
19 Pages
Picked this up to read and review a couple of days ago when the author mentioned on Facebook that it was currently free on Amazon.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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