Everyone should love dissident thought.  The conventional wisdom is safe, but it’s also the lowest common denominator.  It’s not wrong to think the same as others, so long as you arrive at that conclusion for yourself.  There are facts, convincing and compelling ones, on each side of every debate.  If you are not capable of knowing why those who differ from what you think, then you shouldn’t hold an opinion on that issue.  So read the facts on both sides, then decide.  And if there is one scholar which has consistently spoken up for the underreported side of life, it is Noam Chomsky.

From The New Press, one of the most respected independent book publishers in America,  is the latest collection of works from Noam Chomsky.  Now available to coincide with with Chomsky’s eightieth birthday is The Essential Chomsky, a collection of his works from the last fifty years.  Pick up some of the most impressive writings from the greatest American dissident thinker of his generation.

This book contains articles about linguistics and language, politics, Vietnam, 9/11, Israel, and our unending belief that America is somehow immune from the normal rules which govern a nation.  This collection includes essays from all sorts of other books Chomsky has published previously, journal articles from years ago, critical analyses of linguistic and philosophical authors.

This book includes an introduction from Anthony Arnove, the editor who pieced together this collection of essays, 25 essays from Noam Chomsky, a page of acknowledgments, in text documentation and notes from the original publication of each essay, and a bibliography of sources Chomsky uses for his articles.

Noam Chomsky has always intimidated me.  He’s on Democracy Now! all the time, he is the premier living thinking man’s critic, he has single-handedly created the modern-day study of linguistics.  For the most part, his articles on linguistics and the meaning of language are beyond comprehension for me.  I reread each of them multiple times and I still couldn’t understand it.  However, his articles on politics are as amazing as can be.  Chomsky stands in the outskirts of our nation, protecting us from the idolatry of our nation.  America is just like any other nation of the world, Noam says, we do things based on our national self-interest.  We are not the shining light in the world, just one more nation.  Because of the strength of our military and economy, we can do as we see fit.  When others would undertake the exact same actions as we would, but we didn’t want done to us, would cry that this is unfair, all the while conveniently forgetting that we had done the same.  We are a nation in a state of constant amnesia, believing only the best of ourselves and the worst of all else.

For those who wish to think critically about America and the world, the latest collection of Chomsky’s works are truly Essential.

This book is available at TheNewPress.com.

Nathaniel Jonet 

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