The Enemy is Within
by Patrick G. Cox

I rather enjoyed this book, this is a sequel to Out of Time and I was keen to find out how the characters got on in their new time and space. I have finally got my answer.

We continue to follow the trio, although the “Powder Monkey” is stuck in school for most of the time, as they adapt to their new reality under the care of one of their number’s relative. As the trio is so advanced and mature for their ages, quite the norm in their day but rather odd in the new high tech future, they continue to encounter problems with their compatriots. Toss in an enemy who wishes to have them back to continue their experiments on them and its gets hairy quite often.

The contrast and similarities between the Navy of the 19th century and the 23rd is a constant source of interest throughout the book. Rarely has time travel been handles as well as Cox manages. However, it never gets in the way of a good yarn and this is very much a good naval tale. The Navy may be in space and on distant planets, but its still the Navy. Cox does a very good job at making alien planets seem truly alien.

Ignore the less than slick cover (don’t worry it is better edited than most mainstream novels) to this novel and dive inside. You will thank yourself for allowing yourself to be entertained by this clever and imaginative up & coming science fiction author. Its well worth the effort to find.

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