Written by lawyer and faculty member of eBay University, Cliff Ennico, this book aims to answer “The 350 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Making Big Money On eBay.” Written in a question and answer format through twenty one chapters the book is designed for those who want to move beyond selling as a hobby to selling as a business. And, of course, make a lot of money.


Using a team of certified eBay  instructors, established marketing gurus, and others the author address various topics as to how to sell stuff at a higher rate, acquiring goods to sell, what not to sell or even think about trying to sell, shipping, various legal issues and how to handle many different difficult and time consuming problems. Each chapter is written in clear and concise language in a question and answer format with answers provided by many different experts. The questions depict various realistic scenarios and the answers are comprehensive and practical. Unlike many such books, the answers are helpful and do not serve as infomercials for the particular person answering the question.


Along with the questions/answers format of each chapter, there are a number of helpful appendices at the back of the book. Several of the appendices will take readers through the various ways of finding business answers on the eBay site. Other appendices list examples of things that can and can’t be deducted for taxes, types of businesses, etc. Also included is a six page index bringing this 310 page well written and comprehensive book to a close.


While Cliff Ennico is clearly bullish on eBay, unlike many books on the subject that are little more than opportunistic propaganda for certain selected sellers, there is a practicality and fair amount of objectivity to this book. Comprehensive and detailed, the book points out the pros and cons with eBay and various issues related to having a business on the site. While eBay is promoted, it is done calmly and rationally as a business opportunity that will work for some people and might not work for others. Along the way to making it big from a money standpoint, he points out the traps on the eBay financial superhighway. There are many books on eBay and this is one you most definitely should have in your personal library.


The eBay Business Answer Book

Cliff Ennico


American Management Association



ISBN# 0-8144-0045-0


310 Pages


Book provided by the good folks of the Plano, Texas Public Library System.


Kevin R. Tipple © 2009


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