Border Patrol Agent Hunter Kincaid has never seen anything like the tracks she is seeing in the Big Bend area of Texas as this short story opens. The tracks are fist sized and don’t show any signs of toes, claws, or anything human or animal. Round and fist sized the tracks are uniformly spaced and show no signs of hesitation or adjusting to the terrain. Whatever it was came across the river and relentlessly marched through and just kept going.the devils footprints

Hunter followed the tracks which came through the river at what it known as “Mora’s Crossing” and isn’t about to stop. The tracks made their way from there to the Simmons Ranch where they seem to have gone right through the barbwire fence without missing a step. They then seem to lead into a very dangerous area known as Los Embudos or “The Funnels.” Hunter continues to pursue the tracks into the area and works to solve the mystery of The Devil’s Footprints: A Hunter Kincaid Short Story.

This highly entertaining short story is well worth your time. The Devil’s Footprints: A Hunter Kincaid Short Story is part of the Hunter Kincaid Mystery Series and features an interesting main character, a case not easily solved, and plenty of action to keep the reader turning the page.
The Devil’s Footprints: A Hunter Kincaid Short Story
Billy Kring
January 2014
E-Book Only
21 Pages
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Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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