This children’s book tells the tale of a child full of questions.  The child lives on a small island that contains a tiny village of 100 people.  He constantly is asking questions and his curiosity is driving everyone, including his own parents, to the edge.  It is decided that he shall be sent to the ancient dragon that lives at the top of the biggest mountain on the island.

While he is sent in the hopes that the dragon can help him by placing a magic spell on him, time has passed, and the dragon after spending so much time alone over the years has become mean. The dragon, known to all as the Old One soon comes face to face with the boy. After a brief discussion with the child, the dragon states that he will answer three questions the boy asks.  Should the dragon answer all three, he and his two village escorts will be eaten and live in his belly for 100 years.  Stump the dragon and the dragon will let them go free.

The first two questions are easily answered by the dragon. With his final question, the boy attempts to get the upper hand on the situation. While the dragon ponders the third question in confusion, the three manage to escape.  Proving the author’s idea that one can never ask too many questions.

This book works in nearly all areas as it tells a tale that is important for children and their parents. The text flows well, the message is clear, and the black and white illustrations by Grethel Peralta are a very nice touch. With the color cover, I expected interior illustrations to be in color and was surprised that they weren’t in color. I also expected a few more illustrations than there are in this entertaining book.  However, that is a very minor quibble as the story works as do the black and white illustrations used which do not overpower the simple, clear text.  This is a book that works well and shows how self publishing can work when actually done properly.  The quality shows and the book is sure to delight children and their parents.

The Curious Child

Donni Floyd

Illustrated by Grethel Peralta

Outskirts Press, Inc.


ISBN# 978-1-59800-046-7

16 Pages

Kevin R. Tipple © 2008

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