The Confident SpeakerWith many self-help books currently on the market promoting quick, dramatic changes to people’s troubled lives, and easy, no hassle fixes, it’s refreshing to find a book that makes no bones about the difficulty of accomplishing a difficult task. Though The Confident Speaker sets out to help people from all backgrounds “Beat Your Nerves and Communicate at Your Best in Any Situation”, the authors don’t pretend that it will be a breeze; quite the opposite in fact.

From the first chapter, authors Harrison Monarth and Larina Kase make it quite clear that public speaking is humankind’s most commonly held phobia. Due to this undeniable fact, it’s obviously not a fear that the authors are prepared to handle lightly. In their 300+ page self-help book, each situation and circumstance associated with communication is carefully and seriously examined. The authors’ number one piece of advice is to confront the fear instead of hiding from it, and they don’t play that suggestion off like it won’t be complicated.

The Confident Speaker is laid out in an extremely organized fashion, each step clearly following in the footsteps of the step before it. Beginning with a section entitled “Identifying the Fears”, the authors unveil top speaking myths and allow readers to examine their own personal fears in order to overcome them. Once this topic has been examined in depth and worked through, the next section, “Preparing to Beat Your Anxiety”, is addressed. These two sections go hand-in-hand, allowing readers to first address their fears and then defeat them by setting up objectives for their speeches and other such important points.

The final two sections include various techniques for presenting oneself in a confident manner, and then a breakdown of specific situations and how to deal with them. This book covers every base from the shakiest shy speaker whose palms get sweaty simply interacting with others to the speaker who’s good at party communication but dreads the public presentation. Constantly reminding readers that the best recipe for success is practice, practice, practice, and providing ample suggestions for preperation methods, The Confident Speaker is the kind of book that can actually make a difference in a nervous person’s speech patterns, not by promising them impossible results, but by reminding them that the true road to success is through their own determination.

Zach’s Rating: A
Confident speaker’s rating: B+
Miracle cure fan’s rating: C-

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