The Chameleon Conspiracy
by Haggai Carmon

This is one of those books that is a bugger to review because whatever you say might give something away. Suffice it to say that its a taut thriller that takes the main character Dan Gordon (part of a series) from the US, to Europe, to Israel, Iran & Turkey all in search of the criminal he has dubbed ‘the chameleon”.

The more he digs the more vital it is he find him and the more dangerous he gets. Aided by ,the for-once co-operating security services of the US and a few other countries, he follows the trail of money, treachery and death around the world in search of his prey.

This is a fast-paced novel that never gets bogged down. Carmon clearly understands why one reads these sort of novels and keeps thing moving. It is a page-turned extra-ordinaire and one that should have a warning of “not to be started if you need to get to sleep” on its cover. It read smoothly and pleasantly, so much so that two sittings were all that was needed to digest it.

Whether for a long-journey or some much needed relaxation I highly recommend this novel to fans of Gordon and those new to his adventures.

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