I know just a little about things spiritual.

For many long years I have engaged in the study of Christian mysticism combined with Buddhist philosophy, Hindu spiritual practices and Western psychology. I have devoured philosophy for breakfast, munched on quantum physics for lunch, had snacks of metaphysics in the afternoon and have then dined on fine cuts of new-age meditation techniques for dinner. For over three decades I have read everything I could get my hands on. During these 30+ years, not only have I read, I have practiced, sitting for endless hours in varying forms of prayer and meditation. I can quote scripture and philosophy with equal ease, I can chant and recite from memory with the best of them.

I have pushed my curious nose through what seems like every self-help and self-improvement book ever written in Western society, have explored Eastern philosophy to the point of being able to read Sanskrit and have spent years being enthralled by grandiose language detailing “mysteries”. Towards the latter part of my journey through the written word I found that many of the writings I leaned toward were wrapped up in ancient leather with some type of semi-secret symbol on the front, giving the impression that within could be found some mind-blowing, secret information that was quite out of the ordinary, reserved for just the few advanced souls made blissfully ready for the dropping of the Cosmic Bomb. Through the process I became ordained. I started several spiritual organizations. I wrote and published three books.
I know just a little about things spiritual.

At the very least, I recognize the truth when I encounter it. I encountered the truth this past weekend when I sat down and read ‘The Calling; A Journey Within Your Own Being’, written by Steven S. Sadleir.

At the base of all systems is one solitary, very simple truth. It takes many of us a very long time to find this simple truth. This is because as a rule, those who write about the truth are simply . . . well . . . not good writers. This is not the case here.

I remember years back, when I realized that I had at last achieved the goal, sitting at my desk and yelling to no one in particular, ‘Why didn’t someone just write this out for us in simple, easy to understand language?”
Now, at last, someone has.

Mr. Sadleir has written what I consider to be a masterpiece, stunning in its simplicity. Yes, it is a book, but it is so much more. It is a meditation. It is a transmission. Had he written this book 30 years ago, he would have saved me many years of wasted effort. For the truth is right here, right now, in this book.

Mr. Sadleir has studied with literally dozens of masters from all over the globe, including eight years spent apprenticing with Vethathiri Maharishi and has also undergone yoga tapas with Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He teaches both kundalini and Shaktipat meditation. He is the founder of the Self Awareness Institute and has tens of thousands of students all over the world. This, of course, is very impressive. However there is more here than one might expect.

He is a communicator par excellence. He has a rare and unique gift. He has the ability to say, in a single sentence, what might take other teachers volumes to explain.
All of our great teachers have had this gift; the ability to teach the most complex spiritual truths by telling a story about birds, or seeds planted in a field. The primary role of the teacher is to teach certainly, but to do so in a language that even a child can understand. Fancy language and grandiose terms serve only to confuse. Mr. Sadleir understands this and so provides the reader with an experience unlike any other I have ever encountered.
I was taken quite aback by the style. It could not be more perfect. Mr Sadleir speaks to the reader directly, as though sitting right in the room. I hesitate to use the word yet again but it is not so much a book as it is a direct transmission of knowledge, using paper and ink as the medium. His experience as a master and as a teacher is flawlessly transferred though these beautifully written words.

Every few paragraphs we are asked to stop. To breathe. To close our eyes. To consider. To think. This is not reading. This is experiencing.

His Spirit speaks directly to the Spirit in us, for his Spirit IS the Spirit in us. He cajoles. He leads. He gently pulls us forward. He lovingly takes our hand and walks with us into the Light.

He pauses now and again, from beginning to end, to allow our own Spirit room to speak to us in a language we already understand. This book is a tour of the province of the Soul. He stops now and again and allows us to gaze upon that which we have longed to see. Then he moves us on to the next landmark. Like a Zen master pointing at the moon, he points us directly to that which is but our Self. He does not just show us the way; he treads the path with us.
It has been said that ‘those who know little, speak much; those who know much speak little.’ Mr. Sadleir understands this. This book is a mere 100 pages. The knowledge imparted here though could, indeed already has, filled entire libraries.

As a reviewer, I seldom give such high praise. I will in this case. Any seeker of any age desiring to slip into the gently flowing stream of spiritual enlightenment could benefit greatly from reading this work. It should be on the required reading list for those who wish to reach out and not only touch, but also to directly experience the Source of All That Is.

Posted by Don McCauley ICM, MTC, CH, facilitator of the Heaven On Earth LifeStyle Partnership, http://www.heavenonearthsystem.com

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