I greatly enjoyed David Peretz’s first foray into the literary world The Mosel Legacy. The Broderick Curse picks up NYPD’s Ross Cortese three years later. He is now living with the alluring Willi who we met in the first book. They have taken up life as a couple in New York.

The Broderick Curse begins with a grizzly find. It is mid-winter in the Berkshires an intrepid ice fisherman is out on a frozen pond. Thinking his hook has snagged on some weeds he hauls his gear in, on the hook is a skeletal hand. Sally (Sal) McDevitt the chief detective of the Massachusetts State Police is assigned the case. Her first problem is how to recover whatever is under the ice. With much wrangling the correct heavy equipment and divers are finally located and a car with a body in it is recovered.

The first part of a seven year old mystery has been solved. A very rich corporate CEO Gregory Broderick had disappeared with no trace. The almost brand new Mercedes with only 900 miles on the clock is the rust bucket from the pond and the dental records prove that the skeleton behind the wheel was indeed Gregory Broderick. A seven year old cold case has once more come to life. What was Broderick doing off the beaten path in the Berkshires, and how did his car end up in the pond?

Sal soon discovers that all roads lead to New York. This is where Broderick lived and worked. Hooking up her old friend Ross Cortese they set out to uncover the truth. What they find is a tangled web of personal and professional deceit by everyone remotely connected with Gregory Broderick.

The Broderick company now has Edward Cadmus at its helm. He became CEO after marrying Jo, the widow of Gregory. Edward is a very troubled man. Broderick was a healthy and wealthy enterprise up until the past few quarters, suddenly the company has become subject of industry gossip, contracts have been lost, and there seems to the the makings of a hostile takeover in the offing.The discovery of Gregory’s remains seems like just another nail in the coffin of the company.

Ross Cortese also has problems of his own, his relationship with Willi has hit a low, so low that she has decided to call it a day and return to her native Austria.

The Broderick Curse is not one single story it is several plot lines that weave in and out of each other. It is a page turner to say the least. And like all great thrillers there is a sting in the tail that I most certainly did not see coming. I will be keeping my eye on David Peretz and do hope that he has plans on another Ross Cortese book. He has done such a great job on developing this character it would be a crying shame to stop now.

I am planning on interviewing David Peretz in the coming week. and I am certainly looking forward to talking to him. It is not unusual for an author to insert himself into a book, and I have to wonder if Dr Grayman is David Peretz?

If you know someone that enjoys a great thriller I recommend that you buy them a copy of The Mosel Legacy and The Broderick Curse for Christmas. You can order both books through Amazon. David also has a web site in support of the books.

Simon Barrett

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