Christina and her friends like it when there is a summer shower followed by a rainbow. It is one of the things they love about summer. That was until one day when the rainbow slowly began to disappear as it vanished into the ground. The entire rainbow just kept going over until the other end of the rainbow disappeared.the boy who ate rainbows


Nobody has ever seen anything like it. None of the kids has any idea why it happened. Nor did the any of their adult family members. It would be awhile before they could talk to their teachers at school about it as that wouldn’t start until September.


The kids decided that when the next shower happened and the rainbow formed they would ride their bikes to where the rainbow was to find out what was going on. When that happened the kids jumped on their bikes. They rode and rode and eventually had to walk into some woods. The last bit of the rainbow led them to a clearing where they found The Boy Who Ate Rainbows.


They also learned his name is Duncan and a lot more in this cool tale for kids written by Barry Ergang. Originally written as a fourth birthday gift for the daughter of close friends, the read is a cool mystery fantasy that has a number of important teaching moments for children. Not only was the book a hit with a birthday girl, the read was a big hit with her fellow Montessori classmates. That led to four pictures by those students being included in this edition.


A short tale of understanding, compassion, and hope for the future, The Boy Who Ate Rainbows is a fun read for both kids and adults. While the original tale and artwork may be nearly 20 years old, the message contained in these 18 pages is universal and timeless.


The Boy Who Ate Rainbows

Barry Ergang


May 2016



18 Pages




Barry Ergang provided me a PDF copy back in May with absolutely no expectations that I would review it.




Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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