I like Sam Moffie, he has a very unique writing style, I greatly enjoyed No Mad and so when he asked if I would be interested in reviewing his latest book I jumped at the opportunity.  The Book Of Eli is his fourth novel, and he grows in writing stature with each book.

The Book Of Eli is only a 150 pages long, yet nearly resulted in me being seriously injured!

I guess I should explain that comment. The mail man delivered The Book Of Eli yesterday, but it was a busy day and I had no opportunity to even look at it. As with most days I bounced out of bed this morning, made my coffee and then took a walk. I decided that as I was strolling I could have a quick dip into this book. I very nearly became a traffic fatality! As I was walking along I decided to read the back cover, one of my comments about No Mad was on there! I almost walked into oncoming traffic!

OK, enough of the Simon stories, I know you want to hear about Sam Moffie. Well the one thing that you can bet your bottom dollar on is that Sam never does the same plot twice. The Book Of Eli takes us on a surreal adventure with his main character  Eli Canaan. Eli is not a bad guy, while by no means religious, he does try to follow most of the commandments. The one that he has most trouble with is committing adultery. He finds himself locked into a marriage where his wife has read a magazine that has determined that sex should happen exactly 2.5 times per month. Oh and don’t ask what the .5 is!

Eli’s appetite is far larger than 2.5 per month, it is more like 2.5 per day.

His wife Abigail suspects that Eli might be ‘over quota’ and hires a Gypsy sorceress to cast a spell. Abigail wants nothing more than to stop Eli straying, “be careful what you wish for” the Gypsy advices.

Oh, that’s just chapter one. It gets better!

The Book Of Eli is just a splendid read, it is hugely amusing, which is a Sam Moffie trait, yet it also operates on a much deeper level, exploring some of mans motivations in life. It may offend some in the bible belt, but I do not think that was his intentions.

Eli finds himself in Heaven, although it may not be everyone’s definition of the place. Sam Moffie introduces us to several memorable characters from history as they try to educate Eli on his new role. I have no doubt that there are some that will take great offence at some of the dialogue. There is a wonderful interaction between Eli and Jesus:

“Is there anybody you ever didn’t like?” Eli asked Jesus Christ.

“Herod was a jerk. Pilate a real asshole. The Jews and Romans that wouldn’t give me a fair shake were morons. There are a lot of others, but I had the last laugh,” Jesus said with a chuckle.

I do not want to make The Book Of Eli out to be heretical, because it certainly is not. It is written with thought and humour.

On his way he also gets to meet Sigmund Freud, and a host of other well known historical figures.

The Book Of Eli is actually a very thought provoking work, written with some dark humour, it also helps us explore who we are, or think we might be. Sam Moffie has a real knack for biting satire, and it certainly comes sailing through in this one. Adolf Hitler was such a bad guy that he becomes reincarnated (over and over again) as a house fly! Often times meeting the dreaded Fly Swatter.

You can order your copy of The Book Of Eli from Amazon by clicking the link above.

Simon Barrett

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