It is 1921 and former U.S. Marshall Gideon Miles is far from the Wyoming Territory and his old job. Miles is 67 now and these days he and his wife Violet run a jazz club in New Orleans. The “VioMiles Club” opened on Royal Street just a few months ago and business is good except for all the paperwork involved. Miles had quite a colorful career before retiring in 1910 and had done himself and the job proud. But, that was then and this is now and the paperwork hurts him more than anything the outlaws ever did.


His frustration with the paperwork has to be set aside when two ladies of the District show up to see him before the club opens. Miles knows that means they are “soiled doves” and he has no want or need of prostitutes in his club. But, that is most definitely not what is on their minds. Miss Tilly and Celissa have come to ask Gideon to help in the wake of the brutal murder of a prostitute. Eva-Lynn worked in Miss Tilly’s brothel and a man killed her last night before escaping the scene. Eva-Lynn is not the first in recent weeks and months to be killed by a man wielding an axe. Because the women have been prostitutes the local police have pretty much have done nothing to catch the killer. Miss Tilly desperately wants Gideon Miles’ help as she has nowhere else to turn if the former U.S. Marshal turns her down.


Turning her down is exactly what he does as Gideon is well aware of his age and responsibilities. Married with a club to run he simply does not do that kind of work anymore. However, other factors soon come into play, and he begins the hunt for The Axeman Of Storyville.


Written by Heath Lowrance, this latest in Edward Grainger’s Cash Laramie And Gideon Miles Series is another good one. Highly atmospheric with complex characters and plenty of twists and turns the novella is a fast and highly entertaining read. Whether you are new to the series or not this read is a good one and highly recommended.


The Axeman Of Storyville (Edward Grainger’s Cash Laramie And Gideon Miles Series)

Heath Lowrance

Beat To A Pulp

December, 2011



76 Pages (estimated)



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