Why The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working for you… And How To Get Results – Finally

I found the title of this book to be slightly misleading, I assumed upon reading it that it would be yet another treatise on the subject of relationships with others. Yes I suppose it is about relationships in a manner, the relationship that you have with yourself. Few people are really happy when they look in the ‘virtual mirror’, everyone sees their own flaws, those flaws may not be evident to others, but they are evident to you yourself.

The Attraction Distraction is a journey into understanding who you are, what your goals are, and how to achieve those goals. There is an old saying ‘You can do whatever you want, you can be whoever you want, only you can stop it happening’. The problem though is that many people do not know what it is that they do desire.What is your wish? Financial freedom, fame, happiness, or something else?

Sonia Miller has been a life coach for many years, and it is that experience that she brings to the table in this book. She runs workshops on spirituality and self advancement and it is through those workshops that this book was born. In many ways The Attraction Distraction is an exercise in learning how to think outside of the box.

I am sure that in these grim economic times there are many people who are saying things like ‘I wish I had an extra $1000 or, I wish I had a better job’. Yet how many people actually do anything about implementing a strategy to achieve their goals? The better job, or the extra $1000 are only short term goals, why not look for long term solutions.

This book gives you the tools to define what it is that you are searching for, and using The Mystic’s Formula, which is a simple 4 step process, how to achieve those goals. Indeed I am sorry that this book was not available a few years ago. I found myself in a rut, and knew that I wanted change, but had no idea in what direction, nor how to approach the problem. By coincidence the path I chose was actually very similar to the one that Sonia Miller advocates!

It all started by day dreaming, what would I most like to do? But take that thought to a deeper level, what would it feel like to achieve that goal? Imagine yourself in that situation. As a teenager I had been a fan of music, I attended many concerts and music festivals, I was in awe of the famous groups on stage, I did not want to be a musician, I just wanted to talk to them, to get to know them.  At age 50 I decided that I was going to fulfill my teenage dream. Clearly this was not a question of dialing 411 and asking for phone numbers! But I stuck to my dream, and now 3 years later I have indeed talked to many of my hero’s in the music world, hardly a week goes by without an interview with someone that I admire. Stranger still, these days they come to me wanting to do an interview.

As Sonia Miller points out, to achieve your dream you must take small steps, each step takes you a little further down the road to your dream. Do not falter, though also be prepared to sometimes take a meandering route. Above all enjoy the journey of self discovery.

My story is a true one, and my wife Jan will verify that. One morning I sat bold upright in bed and explained my plan, she thought I was a raving lunatic! Stranger still, it is how I now make my living. Am I rich? No, but money was not my dream. So all I have to say is go out there and make your dream come true.

You can get your copy of The Attraction Distraction from Amazon. The author also has an accompanying web site www.SuccessForTheSoul.com.

Simon Barrett


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