The Arthurian Omen 
by G. G. Vandergriff

A thriller with an Arthurian tint sounded like a yarn I would rather enjoy. The fact it took place mostly in Wales is even better. However the sum total of this novel is less than its parts. Its not horrid by any means but does not really do it for me.

For one thing there are too many elements that seem to be tossed in for no reason. You have some nut who thinks himself to be the reincarnation of an ancient Welsh king, a Columbian drug cartel, a plot to kill the Prince of Wales and a cop from the US who seems to have no common sense whatsoever.

What irked me the most is the fact that all throughout the book they portray King Arthur as some sort of Christian martyr. Rather curious that since Arthur, if he existed, was a Celtic leader who fought the Romans. He was pagan through & through and not some Christ-like figure.

There are many cliches littered in this book about Wales, the English and the Welsh. They range from rather amusing to a bit obnoxious. Its obviously the author has only ever been a visitor to Wales and is not really that au fait with the reality that is the country. There is difference between visiting somewhere and actually getting to know it. The ending seemed a bit rushed and unsatisfying. I can’t really say more or I would ruin the plot.

That aside the novel is a page turner and quite an easy read. This book is quite the book for a plane or train journey. Nothing to deep, but enjoyable nonetheless. I suspect most people won’t be irked as much by it and will find it a decent read.

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