The Apostate TheoryMr PatIts instantly obvious why this book was not published by a major publisher. They are cowards about this sort of thing, a book that deals with Obama’s apostasy (to Islamists) and Islamists on-going desire to kill as many in the US as possible. This is working on the theory to Islamists everywhere the fact that Obama was born to a Muslim father and does not practice Islam means he is an apostate. To the letter of the Koran and the Hadiths there is only one thing that can result, a death sentence to be carried out by a jihadist.The “Lion Sheik” has used the election of an apostate to the Presidency of the US as a major recruiting tool for the Islamist jihad project. His terrorist camps around the world are stocked to the gills with recruits willing to die for the cause. Its in this situation that a plot is hatched to bring a nuke into the US to obliterate and American city and/or event.Our heroes, a rogue CIA agent and a female sharia/Taliban survivor,  set out to stop the plot. This is your normal heroic hokum written to work at a blistering pace. Not that much of the plot is unrealistic in the slightest. This book, ignoring the few spelling lapses in the first few chapters, is good enough to sit on any airport thriller rack. As I have travelled quite a bit of late I can tell that its far better written and stronger plot wise than many of those best-sellers.On the strength of this book the author should have a major publishing deal. Oh and from the ending methinks a sequel is planned. I am looking forward to reading the next stage in this thriller series. Yet another example of why the notion that self-published/P.O.D. books are all rubbish is clearly untrue. Seek this book and get a copy, its certainly worth the effort.

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