The young lady in security specialist Noah Milano’s office is very thin with blonde hair. In her early twenties and very pretty, Noah considers the fact that she could be an acrobat. The alabaster skinned beauty’s name is Wendy Schultz and she has a big problem that is far more down to earth.the alabaster skinned mule

Recently while in Mexico her car broke down. After it was fixed, which took some time, she headed back to the border to go home. Right before she got to the border she had a flat tire. She stopped and checked the tire and discovered to her horror that it was full of cocaine. In a panic she called a male friend who came down to help her. The two of them discovered cocaine everywhere in the car and in all of the tires. Her and her friend destroyed all of the drugs by flushing them down the toilet at a nearby truck stop.

Eventually they got back across the border without any problems. Since they were now back in the United States they thought everything was over. Instead, some very scary guys have showed up at her apartment looking for their drugs. When she didn’t have them they trashed the place, put a gun to her head, and threatened her while they groped her. Wendy is clearly terrified and Noah is sure he can help.

After arranging protection for Wendy, Noah goes to work by contacting the garage where she had the work done. He wants to scare the guys off of Wendy and end the problem before it gets any worse. Maybe he should have body guarded the beautiful woman and sent the other guy to talk to the garage guys.

Another good read in the Noah Milano series of books, this mystery has plenty of action and quite a few twists and turns. Published in 2011 making it one of the earlier reads in the series, The Alabaster-Skinned Mule: A Noah Milano Novelette is a good one.

The Alabaster-Skinned Mule: A Noah Milano Novelette
Jochem Vandersteen
October 2011
32 Pages
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Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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