Author Douglas Quinn introduces a new series aimed primarily at girls ages 8-12 with The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Ocracoke Island: The Midnight Skulker.  This is a series spun off from the book The Adventures of Quinn Higgins Boy Detective: The Cave of Blackbeard’s Treasure where Summer McPhee was introduced.  Summer lives on Ocracoke Island on the outer banks of North Carolina with her mom.


Her biggest problem as the book opens is that it is Spring Break and she has a school writing assignment. She is supposed to write a short story over the break and is stumped. She is saved from thinking about it when a friend calls and wants to hang out. Summer meets up with her friend Angie and soon learns a classmate, Missy, has been arrested and is accused of stealing clothes.


Missy has trouble at school because of bullies and some issues at home. Missy’s life was hard enough and things are much worse now as she’s been arrested for stealing clothes off the line hanging in somebody’s yard. Ultimately she may be removed from her home and wind up in juvenile detention. Summer decides there is something very wrong and decides to look into things.


Despite the twists and turns of the case and the law of unintended consequences, Summer remains convinced Missy is innocent. Proving Missy innocent is going to take some time and is no sure thing in this fast fun read.


This new series features all of the positive hallmarks of the Quinn Higgins: Boy Detective series. Summer is, like Quinn, a young person that helps the kids being picked on, is supportive of others, and has a positive outlook. The hot button topic of the day— bullying— is subtly addressed here as well as a couple of issues very relevant to kids at this age group. Along with the subtle lessons at work behind the scenes there is a strong obvious mystery at work here for young minds to ponder.


While aimed at the 8-12 year old girl group, this book truly knows no gender. Just like the series for boys, this new series for girls works for any reader. As always the book is well written with no loose storylines, grammar issues, or technical flaws. Both series feature books that parents and caregivers can not only read and enjoy but have no concerns regarding reading material, language, themes, behavior of characters, etc. Single parents are shown in a positive light where they are in charge and respected. A fast fun read that imparts a little knowledge along the way while entertaining readers of all ages.


The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Ocracoke Island: The Midnight Skulker

Douglas Quinn

AAS White Heron Press (via CreateSpace)

April  2012

ISBN# 978-1470181260


115 Pages




Material once again supplied by the author’s publicist, Donna Higgins Colson, on the author’s behalf.



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