As the 5th book in this excellent series begins, it is spring break for young Quinn Higgins. It has been several years since he last saw his cousins Austin and Mathew. Because Aunt Judy is on her way home after a business trip, she can swing by with her van and get him so that he can come for a visit.

Aunt Judy and her sons Austin and Mathew live in Manassas, Virginia. The boys are eager to see Quinn as well as show him a civil war musket ball they just found. A musket ball they might take over to the museum at the Manassas National Battlefield Park to have somebody verify their find as the real deal. It also gives Quinn the opportunity to checkout the place as he has been studying the Battles of Bull Run in school and is very interested.

That trip to the museum will also lead Quinn and his cousins into a dangerous situation as there is a reason why his friends call Quinn “The Boy Detective.” It is a good thing that at least one adult is paying attention to what Quinn says or the results could be disastrous.

Reminiscent of the great Encyclopedia Brown series I devoured in my youth, the ongoing adventures of Quinn Higgins are powered by the same idea that observation of little things is very important. Small details do not escape the young teen’s attention even if he isn’t sure why something seems a bit off. That attention to detail as well as an appreciation of history are nearly always present in these books.

Thanks to the skills of author Douglas Quinn, children are taken on a read that blends mystery along with some history making the books serve a dual purpose of escapism as well as teaching. Along the way a value or two is imparted that manages to reinforce both the history as well as the mystery and yet at the same time never lectures the young reader. The result is a very good read whether it is the Charles and Hero series, The Adventures of Summer McPhee series or any of the author’s other projects including The Adventures of Quinn Higgins Boy Detective series, parents can be assured of clean language, some life wisdom, and a tale very much worthy of reading. The Adventures of Quinn Higgins Boy Detective: The Case of the Gray Ghost’s Belt Buckle is another excellent read.

The Adventures of Quinn Higgins Boy Detective: The Case of the Gray Ghost’s Belt Buckle

Douglas Quinn
AAS White Heron Press (Via CreateSpace)
ISBN #978-1501009389
September 2014
130 Pages

Material supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple © 2014

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