U.S. Marshal Cash Laramie is a man of two worlds. Born of white heritage and raised by the Arapaho, he lives these days with one foot in the white man’s world and a foot— maybe even his soul— in the world of the Arapaho. Along the way he dispenses justice as he sees fit earning the moniker of being the “Outlaw Marshall.”adventures of cash laramie and gideon miles volume II

After a forward by Alec Cizak, that origin of Cash Laramie is detailed in the novella “Origin of White Deer” with Chuck Tyrell. Orphaned at the battle of Fall Creek, he was raised by the Arapaho. He came of age at twelve earning the name “White Deer,” but it would be until the following year when everything changed. It was time for him to return to the white man’s world. As it did at the battle of Fall Creek all those years ago his entire world is about to change in a tremendous way.

Banker Jacob Whitney isn’t happy about his daughter and her behavior in “Maggie’s Promise.” Cash Laramie has found her and is pretty disgusted by the banker in so many ways.

Marshal Gideon Miles and his prisoner Jarvis Kincaid are headed towards Gavelin, Wyoming in “Miles In Between.” It is about the final five miles of the trip and then the Marshal can finally turn over this man accused of murdering a local woman to the authorities. Jarvis Kincaid claims he didn’t kill anyone and has a pretty good idea who did it. His argument makes some sense to the Marshal who begins to consider what he is being asked to do. What if Jarvis did not kill the town’s most prominent resident, Mrs. Peterson? Miles could be taking the man to a hanging for a crime he did not commit.

Cash Laramie is back in the next western tale “Cash Laramie and the Painted Ladies.” Cash has stormed into the bordello as the story begins to talk to Vanessa Lynn. She runs the place and Marshal Laramie wants to know where Johnny Dice is as well as the missing ten thousand dollars in bank money. Despite his best efforts, Tobias Sabin is dead and the Marshal is in no mood to put up with any interference by anyone.

Chuck Tyrell also contributes with the next story titled “Gun Justice.” Cash is in Macyville to avenge the murder of a friend. Cash wants very badly to kill the cocky young man. Just maybe Brant Macy will oblige him.

As “Cash Laramie And The Masked Devil” begins Marshal Robert Boland and Deputies Hayes and Reed are to escort money to the bank. That is until they are attacked, Bolan is killed, and the money is stolen all in front of the citizens of the small town of Pleasance. Not only was it not a pleasant evening it all done by one person dressed up as the Devil. While some claim that the figure was the spirt of a dead Arapaho leader, Cash Laramie does not believe that for one second. 85,000 thousand dollars is missing with the murderer still at large. Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Devon Penn wants the money recovered and the person responsible for this murder. A person who has struck before and will continue to do so unless he is stopped. The boss is sending Cash as well as his friend and fellow Marshal Gideon Miles to work the case.

Cash Laramie is really trying one on in “Reflections In A Glass of Maryland Rye.” Cash has good reason to get as drunk as possible as it is an anniversary of sorts. One that he could well do without.

Edward A Grainger, also known to many as David Cranmer, has created a series of Westerns that feature complex characters, a mystery or two, and plenty of action. The tales often touch on issues of the day that have just as much relevance now in our supposedly modern and civilized world. Adventures Of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles Volume II is a mighty good read that can also be read as the first book in a mighty good series.

Adventures Of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles Volume II
Edward A. Grainger (David Cranmer)
Beat To A Pulp
October 2011
109 Pages (Estimated)

This is one of those cases where I am not sure if the author sent it to me or I bought it using funds in my Amazon associate account. Either is possible, but I suspect the author sent in my way for my use in an objective review. According to Amazon I have had this book in my library since December 29, 2011.

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