Fear Glacier is located in the Artic area known as the “Zone.” A stretch of northeastern Alaska bounded by the Artic Ocean, Artic National Wildlife Refuge and the Yukon’s Ivvavik National Park is labeled as the “Zone” and home to the “Mount Fear Remote Sensing Installation.” A former military base that was part of the early warning system stretching across the Artic and site of a disaster approximately fifty years ago. It is here where a team of researchers funded by a broadcast entertainment company is studying the effects of global warming. The effects are widespread and demonstrably obvious as the Fear Glacier is calving apart rapidly.


The continuing collapse of the front of Fear Glacier reveals the yawning mouth of a cave. Deep inside the cave, members of the team soon make a unique discovery. A creature is frozen in the ice floor with its yellow eyes staring out at them. While some express caution regarding the idea of cutting the creature out of the ice and thawing it others are gung ho about doing so.


Of course, despite repeated warnings from various parties, the creature is cut from the ice and the warming process is started. Before long, disaster strikes as the creature disappears, folks start dying various horrible deaths, and the weather makes escape impossible.


This is not a unique premise by any stretch of the imagination. So, the story better be mighty good to carry the book forward. Unfortunately and rather surprisingly, Author Lincoln Child fails on this in almost every instance. Who will die next is very obvious as is the failure of various strategies to save lives. As the battle for survival continues, the group psychologically fractures upon totally predictable lines, the weather continues to deteriorate and one is reminded of the classic “The Thing” over and over again.


This one from Lincoln Child totally fails in all aspects and isn’t worth any of your time at the beach or pool. Skip it and do yourself a favor.


Terminal Freeze

Lincoln Child


Random House Large Print



ISBN# 978-0-7393-2826-2


443 Pages


Book provided by the good folks of the Plano, Texas Public Library System.


Kevin R. Tipple © 2009

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