I recently had the good fortune to stumble across 2012: Maya End Date by Edward Curry. While this is a great book that stands on its own two feet, I noticed that he had an earlier work Temple Of The Two Jaguars that essentially laid the ground work and introduced the characters. You can find my review here.

I have one of those inquisitive minds, I love to examine the progress of a writer, a musician, or a movie maker. That does not make me critic, merely an observer who has an inquisitive mind. Using the same characters in a book can be pain or pleasure. The author has much to contend with. You cannot drastically change the character, and you have to be understanding that not every reader will have taken the time to read an earlier work.The challenge is to keep your readers engaged, as you develop the characters, yet not bore the return reader with huge amounts of duplication.

Edward Curry succeeds in the quest. Temple Of The Two Jaguars and 2012; Maya End Date mesh together so well that I does not matter what order you read them in, you will enjoy them.

In Temple Of The Two Jaguars we get to meet the major protagonists, consultant and somewhat frustrated Ryan Keshaw, he is joined by Dr. Allison Lea Shelton, a respected archaeologist.

Thrown together in a Smithsonian sponsored project they at first glance hardly seem a match made in heaven. Allie Lea is an expert on ancient civilizations, while Ryan is a facilitator in the Insurance world. Company buyouts rather than pottery fragments are his game. However Ryan brings something unique to the project, his vivid dreams of a past life where he himself was a Maya Shaman.

The Smithsonian’s goal is a lofty one, they are looking for some artefact that might help unlock the secrets of this ancient people, a Rosetta stone.

Although this is a joint project with the Mexican government it is clear from the outset that the Mexican role is not one of partnership but rather control and manipulation. The Maya expedition becomes an expedition within and expedition. Few people outside of the inner circle are aware of the true facts.

Edward Curry has done a great job with Temple Of The Two Jaguars and it acts as a great foundation for 2012: Maya End Date. I do know that he is currently working on a third book in this series and it will be interesting to see which direction he takes his characters in next.

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Simon Barrett

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