When my kids were young we would take them to the zoo. There is much that can be learned by watching animals. My daughter was enthralled at the baby Polar bear cubs and begged me to let her play with them. I said “No and pointed out that while the cubs might be fun the adult bears would probably take a dim view and eat her for lunch. The adult bears seemed to be in a permanent state of grumpiness. It was best to leave them alone.

In some ways the grumpy Polar Bears evoke an image that the average person has of the IRS. Getting caught between the IRS and their money will result in an ugly mauling that you will not soon forget! So how could a novel about the IRS be anything but gory?

Wayne Vinson is new to the world of publishing, but not to the world of the IRS. He spent over three decades as a Tax Collector. It is this background that he uses as the framework for his debut novel Tax Collectors …And Other Sinners. A Tax Collector writing a novel? Oh I could not resist. What could possibly go wrong with 300 pages of excitement and suspense surrounding 1040 forms?

I was in for a big surprise! Wayne Vinson has created a wonderful action, thriller novel. Tax Collectors may well be one of the few indie published books to hit prime time. Without a 1040 in sight Wayne Vinson takes the reader on a wild ride into the mind of a psychotic killer.

I have to admit that I had reservations about this book. Wayne Vinson makes it clear within the first few pages exactly who the killer is. At age 13 Bobby Bain, discovers his father hanging from a noose in the barn that he had used as a welding shop until the IRS took his work tools in lieu of delinquent tax payments. He vowed revenge.

With the plot effectively blown, I wondered how Wayne Vinson could possibly pull off a thriller? Well he does, and he does it in great style.

Bobby Bain’s problems run far deeper than his hatred of the Revenue Officers that caused his father to commit suicide. The reader learns bit by glorious bit, just exactly what makes Bobby Bain’s tick. The sight of his father hanging from the rafters was not his first brush with the dead.

As my Mother used to say he’s a bad-un.

Bobby Bain has skeletons in the closet!

It is clear that Bobby Bain is a serial killer, but Bobby is unlike others that have selected that career path before him. His Modus Operandi changes. There is a calling card, but it is hard to find.

Wayne Vinson is a writer who wastes few words. Often in a novel in 300-350 page range there is a soft spot somewhere in the middle. 50 or so pages of filler that the reader must plow through to get back to the core story. There is no filler in Tax Collectors, Yes that are some sub plots, but they are not distractions, instead they have a very direct bearing on the main story.

Wayne Vinson also has a web site well worth visiting.

Simon Barrett

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