Kathleen Willey should be a name that you remember, she was part and parcel of the Monica Lewinsky scandal with Bill Clinton. Having kept a low profile for over 10 years Kathleen Willey finally made the decision to put into print her side of the story. With Hillary a contender for the democratic presidential race the timing could not be better for a ‘tell all’ book. Kathleen Willey was one of the various women that Bill has made sexual advances to over the years, and one, that for her own reasons did not want to go public with, it was with a great deal of reluctance that she testified, and then only because she was forced to.

Her world crashed around her ears and she went overnight from insider to a target by the Clinton machine, in the book she refers to them as the Clintonista’s, a rather nice touch I think. Systematically her credibility is eroded, using lies and half truths a new ‘reality’ is created, and one that makes Kathleen out to be the bad guy, rather than Bill Clinton.

Really the book breaks down into two themes, how the Clintons ran the presidency, and some of there less than above board tactics in dealing with problems. As a Whitehouse insider and at one time friend of the family Kathleen was in a very good position to watch the drama’s unfold.

To the public the Clintons seemed charismatic and charming, the epitome of southern grace. Behind closed doors we see a completely different version, arguments, rudeness to staff, swearing, and a total disregard for protocol, Bill incidentally wasn’t much better! If Kathleen is to be believed, and certainly the corroborating evidence is significant, I will bet the permanent Whitehouse staff are quaking in their boots at the prospect of another 4 years in purgatory. ‘The Whitehouse was a moral and political slum’ sums it up quite well. Of course what can you expect from a pair of Hillary Billie’s!

But in this democracy of ours poor manners and boorish behavior does not preclude you from being president. And I am sure that in private moments George Bush has uttered a few choice cuss words in the Oval Office.

The far more sinister aspect that Kathleen Willey discusses is the Clinton style of damage control. Fire fighting with intimidation. As fast as Bill was creating problems, Hillary was there with her private army of investigators, strong arm boys, and sanitizers. This is not such a happy thought. It certainly gives me pause for thought about having them in the seat of power again. I walked away from this book with a pretty clear image of Bill as the user, and Hillary as the enabler. This is not what the American people need in power.

Maybe the most surprising aspect of Target is the relative lack of publicity it has received in the main stream media. Of course the media has always been pro Democrat, so I guess that may be part of the reason. It is always good to have friends in high places.

I can honestly say that I recommend this book, it makes for some interesting reading.

You can pick up a copy of Target from Amazon

Simon Barrett


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