I made it though high school and college without any problem. If I was asked to go back and redo my undergrad, I would be there faster than you could say wait-a-minute-that-really-was-a-lot-of-money. But high school? You couldn’t pay me enough to go through those four years of hell again. I had lots of friends, did well in school, no one beat me up and certainly no one poured pigs blood on me during the senior prom. Still, I would never go back.

However, Keegan Garner’s new book, Tales From My High School Locker, has me wondering if perhaps I missed out on the more memorable side of the high school experience. This hilarious book is story after memorable story of the antics Garner himself performed back in his halls and classrooms (and, in one especially side-splitting story, the football field) of learning.

While the rest of us stumbled through supply side economics and develop a hatred of Hemingway it would take us at least ten years to realize we were mistaken about, Keegan was out making brownie turds, trashing the bathrooms, and generally embarrassing himself in front of the hottest girl in school. He may not have been the classiest of clowns, but his stories shine in both the hilarity of the event and the skill with which they are retold.

And, like most of the people we meet in our hometown who still wear their letter jackets and obsess about the days when they were 17 and sweet, Keegan also makes us cry. This time it’s not from the pity dripping from our hearts, the laughter absolutely tearing us apart.

Keegan Garner did the things we all wished we could have done in school, pulled the pranks we dreamed of, ran the way we wanted to when we were naked, and threw caution to the wind. Now that we are all grown up and responsible, this book provides the perfect avenue for living vicariously back in our high school days and wondering what if we had studied just a little less.

This book is available on Amazon.com.

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