In the off season the summer resort area is pretty much closed. That does not mean there is not activity going on. There is a lot of activity going on behind the doors of the old and decaying houses. The house on Ashworth Avenue might be the worst of the bunch. The shotgun is going to help protect him from those inside. But, there is nothing to protect his senses once he steps into the dope house in Sweet Smells by Jed Power.sweet smells


A tough and emotionally powerful short story by the author of The Combat Zone. Author Jed Power spins a web of darkness and pain in five short pages. Much is packed into this very short read that will stick in your mind long after you finish reading it.


Sweet Smells

Jed Power

Dark Jetty Publishing

September 2012



99 cents




Amazon says I picked this up back on March 29th of this year. I have no idea now if I picked it up to read/review up by way of a free read promotion by the author or by way of funds in my Amazon Associate account. I suspect the latter.




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