Previously published in Enough Rope as well as “one of the Flesh & Blood anthologies edited by Jeff Gelb and Max Allan Collins” (a note from the author) the story has been re-released as an individual short story. The subtitle is “A Nasty Little Story” and it is certainly is on several levels. This adult tale is definitely for adult readers and is very good.


Jimmy is having an intense affair with a married woman. She does things to him that gives him incredible pleasure – especially when Rita uses her sweet little hands. She wants her husband, George, dead and has convinced Jimmy to do the deal.


Somebody will soon die in this very twisted tale of sex, lust, and murder. What author Lawrence Block does with a classic set up very familiar to readers becomes an intense read that will surprise you in very unexpected ways. Sweet Little Hands is a fast moving short story definitely worth your time as it spins a dark tale.


Sweet Little Hands: A Nasty Little Story

Lawrence Block

July 2011


E-book (print length 21 pages)



Material was picked up during the author’s recent free book offer –as recently announced in his newsletter and elsewhere—for use in an objective review.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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