It is fall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the tourists with their frenetic energy and electronic devices have all gone back to wherever it is they came from. The peace and quiet has been restored and Webb Sawyer is very glad. Webb Sawyer isn’t a slave to technology and is a man of simple pleasures and tastes. The plan he had for this particular Sunday seems to have blown up thanks to various women and their agendas.


One of the three women who changed Webb’s plans for the day is Sunshine Bledsoe. She has a major problem— her mother is missing. Webb knows Sunshine a bit as she used to date Webb’s son Preston. They no longer date with Preston being in New Zealand and all, but Webb still cares about her. Sunshine is very upset as there has been no sign from her Mom in two weeks and Sunshine is sure that her Mom is in danger. Mom’s name is Isabeau Bledsoe and she has a very checkered past. Supposedly, according to her boss and landlord, Isabeau is on a two week vacation to parts unknown. It seems she just up and left without talking to anyone and just left a note behind. Sunshine is terrified something bad has happened and wants Webb’s help. With some urging by Nan, Webb eventually agrees to go with Sunshine and check out her mother’s apartment and the diner she worked at over in Hertford. Doing both leaves them with far more questions than answers.


Third in the Webb Sawyer mysteries, Swan’s Landing is solidly good. Blending in small amounts of romance, a twisting multiple mystery plot line, and plenty of suspense, this latest in the series is another good one. While Webb may have the devil of a time figuring out the minds of the women in his life, he has a nose for trouble and he knows when he is being lied to. His problem, among several, is that nearly everyone in this far reaching tale is lying for various reasons. Well worth your time, “Swan’s Landing: A Webb Sawyer Mystery” can be read as a stand-alone if you have not read the earlier books in the series.



Swan’s Landing: A Webb Sawyer Mystery

Douglas Quinn

AAS White Heron Press/CreateSpace

June 2012

ISBN # 978-1475285352


444 Pages (includes prologue preview of Egret’s Cove)




Material supplied by Publicist Donna Higgins Colson last November in exchange for my objective review.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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