Why the Medical System is Dangerous to Your Health and How to Get Through It Alive

This is the third or fourth book that I have read on this subject in the past couple of months. While some might argue that these books are being written in response to the Obama health care reform, I disagree. All of these books have been authored by professionals in the health care field, and all of them are recognizing the need for change.

Richard Klein has nearly 4 decades of experience, and his frustration with modern health care can be found on every page of Surviving Your Doctors. The Health Care world has changed a great deal in the past four decades but not all of it has been for the better.

Spiralling costs have led to a situation where almost 20% of Americans have no form of health insurance. Dr. Klein also shares some very disturbing statistics, 100,000 people die each year as a result of malpractice, yet a mere fraction of cases are investigated.

These are sobering words, they are disturbing words. What do you do if something calamitous happens to you? Well assuming it is past the closing time of your local Physicians office you head for the local Emergency Room. A place that for the most part only knows you as a number. Although Dr. Klein does not use the word, triage comes to mind. The object of the exercise is to treat as many patients as possible in the shortest time. However the ‘shortest time’ can in fact be a very long wait.

Surviving Your Doctors is an eye opening read. Dr. Klein is not advocating self diagnosis, but he is stressing the importance of understanding what ails you. In some ways Dr. Klein suggests you should become a bit of a pest. Ask questions of your doctor. This is something that I know I should do, but never do. I am just happy to leave, what I don’t know can’t hurt me? Right?

Actually what you don’t know can hurt a great deal! Dr. Klein cites many stories of patients not being vigilant and many stories of doctors making mistakes. Often with terminal results.

Surviving Your Doctors is not ‘Health Care For Dummies’ but it is a really eye opening exposure of today’s medical world. It alas is a field that revolves around money. As costs sky-rocket the ‘for profit’ insurance companies find ever increasing numbers of reasons to deny coverage, or particular treatments.

Those costs also trickle down to the Emergency Room and even your local doctor. As a child I remember the local doctor making house calls, today it takes days if not weeks to even get an appointment. And the appointment will likely last less than five minutes of actual doctor time. Oh you will have lots of opportunity to read ageing copies of Readers Digest in the Waiting Room, and ample time to contemplate Life, the Universe, and Everything in a sterile cubicle. The doctor finally visits, a quick poke and prod and away you go. You have a little piece of paper that only a mother could decipher, you take it to your local pharmacist and voilà, another brown bottle to put in the bathroom cabinet.

This in my mind (at least) is not the way the process should go. Alas it is more common than not.

Surviving Your Doctors is a very revealing book. It is also clear the the author Richard Klein has a very clear picture of what is wrong with today’s Health care system.

I do plan on interview Richard Klein in the near future, and I have to admit that this is one Doctor visit that I am looking forward to 🙂

I am also planning to do a radio program with Richard Klein and the other disgruntled doctors that have written books recently. I suspect that it will be a very interesting program.

The comment ‘take your life into your own hands’ has new meaning. No, you can not do heart surgery at home, nor can you perform organ transplants on your kitchen table armed only with a set of Ginzu knives! But what you can do, is be aware of how the medical system works. Richard Klein hammers this message hone time and time again, different doctors run by different rules. It is up to the patient to be vigilant.

Sometimes the rules are dictated by the insurance companies involved. This makes for a very bad mix! Money vs Care makes for very poor bed fellows.

I think everyone should be informed about everything, yet so few are. A statistic that I found amazing, and shocking, the WHO (World Health Organization) places The US in position 37 in quality of Health Care. WOW. We have these great tools, we have great doctors, what went wrong?

Surviving Your Doctors should be on your reading list. There is much that the average person is not aware of, but needs to be.

You can order your copy of Surviving Your Doctors by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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