Frank knows something is going on at work. Just what, he is not sure, but clearly somebody has been in his cubicle messing with his stuff. Nothing is missing. Things just seemed to have been moved a little bit. Then there was the fragment of overheard conversation last week between two of his coworkers.


“Frank’s going to be so ticked when he discovers that we know,” Bob said.

“Well then,” Margaret’s tone was chiding, “Frank should have been more careful. He left it out in plain sight. What was I supposed to do, let it go? It’s part of my job to take care of these things.” ( Kindle Locations 33-35)


There are other clues that they may be on to him. Or, maybe not as he could be paranoid with so much at stake . All he knows for sure is he just needs a little more time in Surprise Larceny.


This short fiction tale packs a couple of twists and a strong punch at the end that will surprise even seasoned mystery readers. Rich in complexity in terms of characters and details, this short story works well from start to finish.


Surprise Larceny

S. Furlong-Bolliger

Untreed Reads


E-Book (estimated print length nine pages)




Material was picked up earlier this year during a free book promotion.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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