Stenciling is fun and as the author advocates in this project filled book, anyone can do it. Besides being fun and easy, it is a great way to bring old objects back to life in a new way. After an introduction that gives you the basics of what you need to know such as the types of tools you need, different surfaces and what they will need, along with different ways to stencil, and numerous other helpful nuggets of information, it is on to the projects.


The first project is the “Sliver Mist Skirt” (Page 29) that consists of a lily pattern painted on a black skirt originally purchased at a thrift store. Various designs for chairs, tables, dressers, walls and more clothing as well as many other items follow. I especially liked the Mayan designs on glass storage containers (Page 48), the “Serpent Stone” (Page 81) and the “Sea Bath” stencil project for bathroom accessories found on page 96. Color and versatility are important throughout the book as well as creating your own personal design and image.


The book includes seven pages of stencil motifs so that you can photocopy them and transfer the designs, two pages of short biographies on the various designers, a one page index and twenty ready to use stencils in the attached sealed bag.


Designed for fun, this book is sure to be a hit for all ages. With a hardback binding encasing a spiral notebook format, the books lays open flat for ease of use which is also a nice touch. Colorful and bright it provides plenty of textual information and large pictures to help you have fun stenciling.


Stencil Me In

Marthe Le Van

Lark Books (Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.)


ISBN# 978-1-60059-252-2

128 Pages


This material was provided by the good folks of the Plano, Texas Public Library System.


Kevin R. Tipple © 2009


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