How To Get A Great Reading From A Psychic Spirit Medium

I have an eclectic taste in books and reasons to read them. I am not a subscriber to ‘Knowledge is power’ so much as ‘Knowledge is a key to unlocking your mind’. Many people spend their entire lives living with preconceived and often incorrect notions. There is an old and well known statement, there are three versions of every story, there is yours, there is mine, and there is the truth which sits somewhere in the middle.

The subject of Psychics and Psychic Abilities is one that has been debated for centuries. But what is this strange ability? One thing is clear, the entire subject is very unclear. To some it represents a glimpse into the future. Is it possible that Nostradamus predicted the rise of the Third Reich, the Great Fire Of London, even the Kennedy assassinations, and more recently the 9/11 attacks. For some Nostradamus is the definitive word. Yet is he? People work hard to make history fit his predictions, but rarely do people marry a prediction to an upcoming event with any accuracy.

Dr Fahey explores a much different role of the Psychic, one that looks back rather than forward. A quote that I heard some years ago went along the lines of ‘discovering the past permits you to understand the present, and may guide you in the future’. This did not come from a Psychic it came from a Historian. In my mind this quote is a priceless one.

The subject of what happens after death is one that we have no clear answer to, for some it is heaven or hell, for some it is as simple as nothing, a person ceases to be, there is merely a void.

Yet, this notion of a void is incorrect, knowingly and sometimes unknowingly there are materialistic aspects left. An old photograph, a piece of jewelry, or any number of other items can have a powerful effect on the memory of a lost loved one. My wife recently was given an old family photo album. I sat in awe as she smiled and told stories about many of the people and places in the photographs. Stories she had long forgotten but were awakened by the physical album.

Is it possible that a Psychic Spirit Medium could have the same effect? Dr. Fahey says yes. He makes some interesting observations that are most worthy of discussion. The flow of information tends to be one sided. The Psychic is more of a receiver than a transmitter.  Information flows from the other side to the living, not so much in the other direction. So asking for next weeks winning lotto ticket numbers is unlikely to get a response. Spirits tend to share their thoughts when and only if they wish to.  Often the messages are more validation of the past than peeks into the world ahead.

I mentioned my wife Jan earlier, and her acquisition of the photo album, there were some pictures that she could not identify. Dr. Fahey explains that the same is true when analyzing the results of a Psychic reading. There may be aspects that seem out of place. Information that makes no sense. However he cites several stories from personal experience where sometimes years later  the message gained clarity and significance.

He also brings up the subject of personal attitude. Going in with a closed mind, you will most likely leave you with an equally closed mind. Being open to the unknown is key to getting the results you are seeking.

To some the whole idea of Psychics is bunk. However if you look back in history all sorts of things have been declared bunk. The Earth being round, the Earth not being the center of the universe, evolution, etc., they were all declared bunk!  Yes there is bunk science out there, but just because something is hard to to assimilate into everyday life does not make it qualify as bunk! Try wrapping your head around Physics’ String Theory or anti-matter? In my String Theory a given length of string will be mysteriously knotted when left in a drawer for any length of time, and Anti-matter is what is left in the pots and pans after I have cooked dinner! But I am open to other explanations. I have also noticed that my wife is very susceptible to mood swings when around Anti-matter, she tends to shout a lot.

Obviously that last paragraph was written with humor in mind, however there is a serious side. Just because something does not fit into your view of the world does not mean that it is not real.

I rather enjoyed Spirit Masters, Spirit Stars, sometimes you just need to open your mind to new ideas. You can order your copy by using the Amazon link above. I also recommend that you visit his web site.

Simon Barrett

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