This 466 page book (including index) takes the reader through the process for claiming Social Security, Medicare, and Government pensions. Filled with tips, charts, cautionary info and general advice, the book takes you step by step along the path to get the most one can out of the benefits one has earned. The book is divided into several sections all written with ease of use and clarity of language in mind.


 The first eight chapters take the reader the complexities of the Social Security system. Topics such as “Your Social Security Record,” Work Credits Required” and “Appealing A Social Security Decision” are covered and many others. Chapters on Social Security Disability rules as well as Survivor Benefits point out the simple fact that this book isn’t just for retires.


Chapter 9 covers the Federal Civil Service system and explains both types in detail. As in the earlier material, beyond covering CSRS and FERS there are segments on disability and survivor benefits.


Chapter 10 covers Veteran Benefits. Not only are the types of military service covered and how that relates to benefits, there are sections on service-connected disability, survivors benefits and other helpful information.


Chapter 11 begins the Medicare explanation for the next several chapters and includes coverage of Medigap and Managed Care plans. How to enroll, file a claim, appeal and just about everything else you need to know is included.


Chapter 15 covers Medicaid and state supplements to Medicare. Not only does the reader learn how to navigate the system, other resources are briefly mentioned with information on how to proceed.


This well written and easy to understand book including index considers the subject objectively and without bias. Something very rare in so many books of this type today that are often designed to sell a product or service. Instead, this is a book written by mother and son authors who don’t have any bias. Their only objective is to provide good, quality advice.


The result is a comprehensive book that will guide you not only through the pitfalls and traps of the various systems, but help you get the most of what you earned. Like any money advice book in this field, rules are subject to change so it doesn’t hurt to keep up to date on the laws and pay attention to what your government is doing.


Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions-13th Edition

Joseph L. Matthews with Dorothy Matthews Berman



January 7, 2008


Review copy provided by the good folks of the Plano, Texas Public Library System.


Kevin R. Tipple © 2008


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