Reid Bennet is always willing to go help a friend.  In this eighth book of the series titled, Snowjob, that willingness takes him to Chambers, Vermont. While Reid Bennett was an odd man out because of his history when he arrived in Murphy’s Harbour, Doug Ford is going to always be the odd man out on his local police force because he is African American.


He also is odd man out because he sits in the local jail accused of the murder Cindy Laver. She was the bookkeeper at the local ski resort. Not only was he there in her apartment the night she died, fifty thousand dollars she was to take to the bank and deposit was also found in the back of his car. Then there is the fact that nearly everyone around knew they were having an affair before Ford killed her.


While the evidence points to Ford being a killer, Ford swears he didn’t do it. Reid served with Ford in Vietnam and there is an unshakable bond there. A bond that will be tested as Reid investigates and learns what is actually going on a case that leads from small town murder to big time issues.


Ninth in the series, Snowjob is another very good installment in a very good series. Reid and his personal life continues to evolve and strengthen as he puts the past behind him. At the same time, as always, there is plenty of mystery and action to keep the pages turning. The result is another very good read making Snowjob, as are the other books in the series, highly recommended.




Ted Wood

Charles Scribner’s Sons


ISBN# 0-684-19563-1

Hardback (also available in paperback and digital formats)

262 Pages




I got to read this one by way of an Interlibrary Loan from the Beaumont Public Library in Beaumont, Texas.




Kevin R. Tipple ©2018

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