A man covered in dirt from head to toe looking like he just barely crawled out of a grave is never a good thing. It gets worse when the guy dies on the oak floor in a bar. Not that Bill cares one way or another right then what Sonny, the bar owner, is talking about as Bill’s wife, Julie, is in labor and Bill has more important things to think about and do.  Like getting to the hospital in time and in one piece.


He makes it to the hospital just in time to see his latest addition to the family, Michele LeAnn Travis, arrive in the world.  When he comes out of the delivery room he finds Sonny waiting for him. Sonny isn’t worried about why the guy died in his bar. What is bugging him is why the guy distinctly said “The Falling” right before he died.  Sonny isn’t going to let it go so Bill reluctantly agrees to ask around about it.


His first act is to call a friend of his, Patrick Kinsey, who works as a Sheriff’s deputy. Patrick and Bill go back a few years so Patrick knows about Bill’s tendency to get himself into the middle of things. After warning him to stay out of it over the phone and being ignored, Patrick comes to the hospital to tell Bill directly. He has good reason to tell Bill to stay out of things as The Nuclear Regulatory Commission people have taken over every aspect of the situation. Of course, Bill is not about to stop poking around in a case that will take him and others out to far West Texas and a fantastic discovery.


With a clear nod of appreciation to the legendary pulps he grew with, Texas author George Weir blends technology, archeology, and plenty of action into this fast paced mystery tale. A story that barely slows down at all for the addition of more back story further developing the Bill Travis character. A character that can’t stop poking around despite his steadily growing family.


In a series that began with the very good The Last Call and continues here in Slow Falling, Bill Travis once again lives up to his namesake. He also manages to have some fun along the way in this latest mystery.


SLOW FALLING: A Bill Travis Mystery

George Wier


Flagstone Books

March 2012


(Estimated print length 160 pages)




Material provided by the author some time ago in exchange for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2012

Author of the e-book short story collection Mind Slices available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords in a variety of formats.

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