An Inner Christmas Book

Christmas means different things to different people. Some view it as a time of windfall, others as a time of celebration, Lynn Jericho takes us in another direction, a time to reflect on what the meaning of what Christmas really is. The author also points out that while you can read this book during the holiday season you might actually derive more benefit by reading parts of it throughout the year.

For Lynn Jericho there is not one single Christmas, rather there are six very distinctive ways to celebrate it. For example there is the Christmas Of Nature. The holiday was born in the Northern Hemisphere and what better time to celebrate that just aster the Winter Solstice. The solstice marked an important event in the lives of our fore fathers. In nature it marked the end of a year, the shortest day of the year, from this point on the days got longer, and the sun begins to rise higher in the sky. It is a time of rebirth and renewal of the Earth.

The Christmas Of Nativity explores some of the religious connotations, the Christmas Of Riches takes us into the how our senses are effected by the event, the sounds, sights, smells, and tastes that are unique to this time of year.

The Christmas Of Relationships takes us into how our approach to others changes at this time of year. Strangers you meet on the street say Merry Christmas to you, a week later they just shuffle by silently. I have often considered this aspect, why for a short period of time does everyone pull down their defenses? In fact I pondered this some more. Up until about a year ago I had spent my adult life in large cities across two continents. In retrospect, the larger the city the more impersonal they become. People do not even say ‘hello’ to their neighbors, they certainly do not know their names, or chat over the fence! I now live in a small town, and there are a whole different set of dynamics at work. Everyone says hello. Everyone wants to stop and chat. This is The Christmas Of Relationships  all year round.

The most poignant chapter in this book has to be The Christmas Of Childhood. Once again Lynn Jericho opened up some long forgotten memories. But, that is the whole point of Six Ways To Celebrate Christmas & Celebrate You, this book makes you look inside yourself. In fact while reading this chapter I recalled a particular event from my childhood. I grew up in a very small village in England. There were two social hubs for the 300 souls that called it home. The village itself was one winding road, at one end was the local pub, which my parents owned, and at the other end the church, a church that had been constructed in the 15th century.  I was nine years old, it was Christmas Eve, I was permitted to be in the pub, strictly illegal, but in the 1960’s this was not a law that was enforced. The local policeman had been in for a pint, and around 11pm the Vicar arrived. He also participated in a pint, then around 11:30 the pub was closed, and en mass we made a rag tag journey to the church for some midnight carols!

While this may sound a strange story, I think it reflects back to a simpler and maybe more understanding time. In someways Christmas past.

I enjoyed reading  Six Ways To Celebrate Christmas & Celebrate You because of the personal emotions and memories it evoked for me. It is entirely possible that I missed the bigger message, but at least I found some wonderful memories. It is also possible that this was Lynn Jericho’s aim. It is argued that you cannot change the world, maybe you cannot even change one person, but to change one aspect of one person should be viewed as a victory.

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