I think I would put Site 39, Blue Orb squarely in the genre of classic Science Fiction. I am guessing that the intended audience is the Young Adult reader, and I do believe Otis Goodwin will do well with that sector.

The heroes and heroines are youthful, and their mission is to not only save the remnants of the planet earth, but the entire universe!

Blue Orb is actually the second book in the Site 39 series, and there are more planned. Site 39 is a reference to a deep underground research center. The Earth was decimated 5000 years earlier when a 200 mile diameter meteorite impacted. The only survivors being 4 people in the Site 39 facility. Millennia have passed, and from these four people a new civilization has populated the Site 39 area.

But, Site 39 is not the only remaining members of humanity, some reside as far away as Alpha Centauri.

Blue Orb picks up the where the first novel leaves off. The four friends, the newly married Ethan and Laine and the courting couple Si and Xana find themselves with a conundrum. There is something buried deep in the mantle of the Earth, it is no mere asteroid fragment, but something that is far more sinister.

A Blue Orb, what is its purpose, was it part of the world wide destruction that occurred  5000 years ago? The four friends, together with a hugely intelligent computer, one that is capable of manifesting itself as a long since ‘dead’ survivor of the carnage assists them. Motobe holds the key, not to the solution, but to the whole story.

Is it possible that this small group can solve the mystery of the Blue Orb? Where did it come from? What is its purpose? Maybe most importantly, it seems to contain a black hole. How could this be, and what destruction could it do? Are the remnants of the Earth the final target? There are some subtle signs that the orb is a force field that contains the black hole, however in the damage sustained when it crashed into the Earth the force field seems to be failing.

Can the four friends solve the puzzle?

Blue Orb is a fun read, I won’t share more of the plot, it would spoil it. If you are a fan of science fiction I recommend that you try Site 39, Blue Orb. The writing style is easy going. And like all good Sci-Fi the physics creative.

I am a bit of a Sci-Fi snob. I likely would get tossed out of any convention on the subject. I am a fan of the old school, John Wyndham and H.G. Wells spring to mind. But it is fun to watch the new generation move into the genre.

You can order your copy of Site 39, Blue Orb from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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