In the vein of The Devil Wears Prada and The Nanny Diaries comes another humourous look at a life that is so much different from the average American.

Liza Davis sets out on a journey to find her sister, but really the journey is about her. She comes from a privileged background and should be destined for a career on Wall Street, but a series of events loosens her grip on reality and sends her on a cross-country quest. As she travels from New York to Florida and then on to Seattle, she visits the fringes of the underworld, gets an hour’s worth of fame, and falls in love for the first time – all the while believing that her obsession with finding her sibling is sisterly love.

Everyone but Liza has accepted that Jaimie is dead, but Liza just can’t get her mind around that. So she blindly sets off on this quest and it soon becomes clear that she is battling mental illness. Sometimes the illness seems to be winning.

A quirky cast of characters accompany her on this goofy road trip; an off-beat evangelist who decides the blow-up doll Liza is traveling with is a saint, and Lily, who is responsible for the reality TV show, “Silly Little Rich Girl.” Lily and Jaimie and Liza all went to the same college, Jamie and Lily two years ahead of Liza. Lily was not a favorite friend of Jaimie’s. In fact, she was probably close to a sworn enemy, so Liza finds it necessary to apologize to her sister. “Please don’t hate me for liking her; she’s not the same person you knew at Dartmouth.”

This is a funny and sometimes poignant story. It moves quickly as Liza sets off on her journey and never slows down as she lands in one troubled situation after another.  On the serious side, it is a character study of a dysfunctional family and how they feed each other’s dysfunction.

It is written with great wit and wisdom by Jimmy Gleacher, who is the author of “It’s How You Play the Game” and the screenwriter of “He’s Such a Girl. ” He has an MFA in Creative Writing from the  Naropa Institute, where he was awarded the Jack Kerouac Scholarship. His short stories have appeared in The Sun, 2wice, The Lullwater Review, Damaged Goods, and other literary journals.

# Paperback: 144 pages
# Publisher: Casperian Books LLC (April 1, 2009)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1934081175
# ISBN-13: 978-1934081174

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