For RCMP Corporal Holly Martin summer on Vancouver Island means an increase in petty crime, lots more tourists and concerns about wildfires thanks to the worsening drought. It also means that still more time has passed since her mom went missing all those years ago, her father while still strong and vital is aging, and she still has many questions about her past and where she goes from here. Those personal issues will again, at least temporarily, have to take a back seat to another death in the area.


A homeless addict has been found deceased in the area woods by a vacationing family. All indications seem to make it a simple case of a heroin overdose. But, it is not and soon Holly more and more questions about what exactly happened. At the same time, the situation regarding her vanished mom demands her attention as well as number of other issues.


Lou Allin takes readers back to Canada’s Caribbean in this very enjoyable sequel to And On The Surface Die.  As in the previous novel in the series, the point of view in She Felt No Pain shifts from character to character while detailing the lives of the small police department and the beauty of the land while telling the tale of several good mysteries. Multiple secondary storylines are again at play in a novel featuring characters that feel more and more like good friends readers have known for a long time. The result is another very enjoyable excursion into the world of Holly Martin and one hopes for many more.



She Felt No Pain: A Holly Martin Mystery

Lou Allin

RendezVous Crime (Napoleon & Company)


ISBN# 978-1-926607-07-8



274 Pages



Material supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.



Kevin R. Tipple © 2010


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