Dani Jones left a broken marriage and more behind when she moved to Tyler, Texas. Her new home is a two story log cabin nestled in the woods of East Texas. Not only is she many miles away from the Austin neighborhood and her jerk of a husband, she is finally pursing her dreams starting with grad school at the University of Texas at Tyler.shadow in the pines

She certainly hadn’t planned on getting involved in a missing person’s case. The plan had been to focus on school and her career long denied. Romance was the last thing on her mind as well. But, when you unwittingly purchase a home with a dark history, one can’t help but become involved. Especially when, after asking a few questions, things start happening that may or may not be the actions of someone trying to scare your off. Good thing your nearest neighbor happens to be not only a police officer, but a very good looking one at that.

What follows is a cozy style mystery that is heavy on the romance side of things. Dani has a growing relationship with the officer next door, Noah Russell, while also dealing with the rigors of being a grad student, and being the target of somebody bent on driving her away. Things slowly escalate as the weeks pass to the Christmas Holidays and snows come to Tyler.

Those who expect a more police procedural style read will be disappointed as this is primarily a romance with a mystery element. As such, not all the mystery related questions are answered and all the loose ends are not resolved. A comfortable and enjoyable read from Texas author PJ Nunn, Shadow In The Pines will appeal to readers who primarily like suspense and romance with a side helping of mystery all combined into a heavily atmospheric tale set in the piney woods of East Texas.
Shadow In The Pines
PJ Nunn
Tidal Wave Publishing
August 2013
E-Book (also available in paperback)
198 Pages


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