Not long ago I stumbled on a TV series hosted on one of the Discovery Channels called American Pickers. It is a reality TV program that follows the fortunes of two guys that roam Americas Highways and Byways looking for things to buy and sell. They search for what they lovingly call Rusty Gold. One mans junk is another mans treasure. They are very successful, it is rare that they purchase an item and do not turn a healthy profit in the process.

The key to their success is knowledge. Understanding the market and the desirability if a given item. Some have regional value, some have historical value, some have mere fun value!

D. Alan Johnson’s new e-book Secrets Of Buying And Selling Used Equipment could be thought of as American Pickers for big boys. His milieu is the world of heavy equipment and airplanes. He points out early in the book that this is not the business for everyone. While the financial rewards can be huge, there are potential pitfalls and problems that can take you from hero to zero faster than a speeding bullet.

For most people the single largest purchase in their lifetime is a house. It takes many folks a whole lifetime to pay that debt off. D. Alan Johnson deals in equipment often more costly than a house, the key is in being able to sell it quickly and at a profit.

Actually the real key is one simple word, Knowledge. Knowledge is power, knowledge is king. Knowledge however comes at a price. It is not something that you can buy, rather it is something that you must learn and earn.

Secrets Of Buying And Selling Used Equipment is not a Dummy’s Guide To Get Rich Quick, it is a very serious look at the tools that are needed to be successful in the industry.

Obviously financing is one hurdle! I personally don’t know of too many people that  that could whip out their check book and in all good faith could write a check for $200,000 and expect the bank to cash it! D. Alan Johnson offers some alternatives, the banks may have the cheapest money, but in today’s economy they are somewhat stingy with sharing it. Following the 9/11 attacks the banks very much put aircraft on the DO NOT LOAN list. However there are alternative sources of money, but it is important to understand how they work.

Another nugget of gold from the author is one that should be obvious, but many people fall into the trap. Do not fall in love with a piece of equipment. This has been the downfall of many dealers, particularly those involved in aircraft and boats. They become money pits in the air and on the water. The mantra is that you do not want to own them, you want to sell them.

D. Alan Johnson is successful because he has learned to keep business and pleasure separate, however, he openly admits that it was a skill learned the hard way! Falling in love with a piece of equipment will always cause you trouble.

The author also explores the different types of reseller, some like equipment in perfect working order that can be flipped quickly, while others prefer to buy problem children very cheaply and invest in rebuilding. He cites various examples. It boils down to do you want to buy something for $10, invest $40 to get it working, and sell for $100, or buy something for $80 and sell it for $100? At first glance it seems like a no brainer, but that is not really the case. Rebuilding and refurbishing means that your money is tied up in the project for weeks, or potentially months.

Another area explored is what your target market might be. We live in a global economy and there are many developing countries that offer great potential. But do your homework first. Selling Snow plows in arid desert regions is unlikely to make you rich!

I can honestly say that I personally have no plans to wheel and deal in either aircraft or heavy equipment, but if I was headed in that direction Secrets Of Buying And Selling Used Equipment would be the first purchase I would make.

You can order your copy by using the Amazon link at the top of the article.

D. Alan Johnson also has two other books in print, Asgaard which is a novel with Africa as the backdrop, and How To Get A Job In The War on Terrorism which is a blunt look at what it takes to become a Private Military Contractor.

I will be interviewing D. Alan Johnson when he returns from his current mission vacation.

Simon Barrett

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