Alchemy, romance, danger, and of course witches are all included in this whodunit with a twist. Natasha Mostert writes a masterful novel that is hard to put down. The story unfolds as the main character, Gabriel Blackstone, is running his own business as a freelance information seller. He also happens to be a gifted psychic with pronounced abilities at remote viewing. His help is enlisted by a friend to solve the disappearance of a son. Upon investigating the disappearance, he becomes uncontrollably entwined with the key witnesses, two sisters Morrighan and Minnaloushe (don’t worry, their pronunciation and meaning are spelled out in the story). As Gabriel charms the sisters in attempts at gaining information, the sisters are charming Gabriel into an esoteric game of personal transformation. Each of the sisters has her own enigmatic yet drawing persona. The book grasps your attention immediately and carries you through to a climactic ending.

I would agree with some reviews that there is a flavor of Anne Rice to Mostert’s style, but would also add she creates her own unique flow and style. Her character development and storybuilding are excellent where the reader is given enough information to paint the picture without any lengthy education regarding the fictional history. I highly recommend reading this book and know it would also make a great gift for any avid reader.

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