There are some people that wait until they are in their eighties to write their first book, I know this because I have reviewed and interviewed several authors in this category over the past few months. In fact my wife jokes with me when she reads the press releases, ‘this guy is 87 years old, I bet you will like it.’

Well the truth is, age does not play a part in my likes and dislikes. I appreciate the wisdom that age brings, but I also love the freshness that youth can contribute. Never overlook the creativity of youth.

This brings us to Sea Clearwater, the first of what I am guessing are going to be many books from Selene Cardenas. Selene has opted to jump into the literary world at the tender age of 15, but she actually wrote Sea Clearwater at age 13.

This young lady has some great potential, to be able to put a relatively complex plot together at such an early age speaks volumes. Oh, and she does not miss a beat, the ending leaves the reader craving more!

OK, I suppose I should talk about the book, but, don’t get excited, there are going to be no spoilers on my watch!

Sea Clearwater is a young lady, an orphan that has found love with a family. A vacation changes her life, and indeed her family’s life. The strange gift of a small tear drop shaped necklace sends her on a quest.

Sea finds herself the center of a huge battle. In many ways she is forced into the classic battle of good versus evil.

Following a mysterious journey with her new friend Thomas Saise she begins to understand her role on the unfolding story. Thomas explains that she is no regular young lady but a Princess of the land of Denestar. A land that is increasingly becoming threatened by the evil forces of Eric Share and his Black Benders. Sea must quickly learn the arts of the Water Benders prior to meeting her greatest trial of all, Eric Shade.

Denester is a mythical land of fabulous creatures, fairies and wizards and Sea Clearwater sits firmly in the fantasy genre. I have a feeling that this book will appeal to fantasy lovers of all ages.

From a technical standpoint there is little to fault, this book is well crafted, Selene has done a fabulous job of both character and plot development. I personally am truly surprised that a work of this high quality and entertainment value could come from the pen of a young lady at age 13. Her writing is superior to many adult authors of this genre. I suspect that by the time Selene Cardenas comes of age she will have gained best seller status within the Fantasy world.

You can order your copy from Amazon. Just click on the cover art above.

Simon Barrett

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