Saved By Grace is Sonya Buchanan’s debut into the writing world and is a thoughtful, and thought provoking piece of writing. The target audience being adolescent and young adult females, although I suspect that it will likely appeal to a broader spectrum. It is most definitely an American Christian novel, and follows the life of a young lady from school through early adult hood, more importantly it looks at the fight within Sunnyfaith Christenson as she struggles with her faith in man, and her faith in god.

We follow Sunnyfaith as she goes through several destructive relationships, even though she knows deep down that they are not going to last, she seems unable to break out of them. These relationships also affect her religious beliefs. As she loses her faith she starts on a steady downward spiral. On the outside all seems well, a pretty young lady with a successful and blossoming career, but on the inside is a dark void.  Each successive destructive relationship compounds her inner turmoil.

Can her faith be restored? Can her heart be healed?

I am not a young adult female, I am a 50 something male, but I found a great deal in this book. I do hope that it reaches a wide audience as the message contained in it is a powerful one. So many people equate success and happiness with material possessions yet those possessions in reality mean nothing. Success and happiness are a product of our inner self not our external trappings. Although Saved By Grace is a work of fiction I think Sonya Buchanan has brought to life some very real everyday situations, situations that millions of people face on a daily basis. There is a little Sunnyfaith in us all!

Saved By Grace would make a great book for a discussion or reading circle. It covers many important areas, yet is not a weighty book. Each chapter concludes with a ‘Reflections’ section, here Sonya poses some questions to the reader. I think that is a wonderful touch in this book. I have to admit that I enjoyed the ‘Reflections’ a great deal. You stop reading and just digest the previous chapter and its deeper meaning. I do plan on sharing this book with some friends of mine, and I will be interested in their feedback. I will update this review when I hear back from them.

The book also contains numerous sidebars, references from the bible that help explain the story line. It is clear that the author has a very deep understanding of the Bible as these references match Sunnyfaith’s story exactly.

From a technical standpoint Sonya Buchanan has done an excellent job, the text has been well edited and the typesetting done in such a fashion that it is easy to read and digest.

Saved By Grace is available via Amazon and other online outlets, Sonya Buchanan also has a small web page.

Simon Barrett

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